Trade Top notch cannabis seeds for firewood. Raymond Maine.


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What the title says.

No harm no foul.

let’s do a deal. A win win.

Love to get at least a 1/2 cord. Prefer 1 full cord. Delivered to Raymond.

Seasoned only.

Breeders available:

Blurred Vision Genetics numerous strains (local maine)
Wicked Pissah seeds ( local maine)
Crystal Rose Seed co. Sandy Beach strain. ( local maine)
Masonic Smoker Genetics numerous strains.
Plymouth County Growers numerous strains ( local mass. )
Useful seed co Lucky Lime strain.
Oni Seed strawpicanna strain. (Local Mass.)
Exotic Genetix strawberry lemonade strain.

support local breeders & barter!2007B741-5245-4D06-B55C-6999FDFA8F4F.jpeg4B0BDA49-0B8C-4252-A9CE-3835B97163A7.jpeg
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