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    What is this ? I’m so confused 😐

    It’s available at Fire on Fore in Portland Maine. And the pricing confuses me too. Anybody figure this out? Cheers
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    NECANN Maine Cannabis convention October 5-6

    Meet MaineGrass Roots at NECANN Portland Maine Cannabis convention & marijuana expo. October 5 & 6 2019. Hope to say HIGH. 👍 At booth 999 . Maine NECANN Cannabis convention.
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    Hello Maine FREE RAW Rolling papers. Register & post!

    Tough crowd! ;) How about two FREE RAW packs FOR THE FIRST 10 TO COMPLETE THE ABOVE.
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    Hello Maine FREE RAW Rolling papers. Register & post!

    1st 10 to register & post or reply to a poll will get a FREE pack of Raw Classic rolling papers. MaineGrass Roots. Grow with us. Maine caregivers , marijuana patients & cannabis enthusiasts UNITE! Add a marijuana photo album or a cannabis grow video in our media gallery. 21+ ONLY .
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    MaineGrass Roots is 21+ ONLY & NO SALES

    via the MassGrass Roots Cannabis community.
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    My favorite Maine marijuana caregivers ?

    Post em here .
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    Flower or oil carts?

    Which do you prefer?
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    A little reggae

    Toots & the Maytals with Eric Clapton. Post a favorite reggae tune.
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    I am a marijuana

    & cannabis..
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    Caregivers of Maine

    When you register please feel free to check out the great media gallery software here at MaineGrass Roots. Create a video & picture of your marijuana grow & your cannabis products. Share with us. Grow with us. Cheers
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    Caregivers of Maine medical marijuana ROLL CALL

    Welcome to MaineGrass Roots.! A friendly marijuana joint & Maine Cannabis community. Start a thread & introduce yourself.
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    Grow with us. MaineGrass Roots Maine cannabis community and marijuana joint.

    Welcome to MaineGrass Roots. Hopefully together we can cultivate a friendly & informative Maine cannabis community. Share with us. Be patient. grassroots takes time. 21+ ONLY / NO CANNABIS SALES MaineGrass Roots where cannabis enthusiasts , marijuana patients and Maine caregivers Unite. Lets...
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    Maine recreational marijuana rules decided on.

    With Governor Mills signature, Maine finally has rules for recreational marijuana market